These Investigations offer the following:

-A guided tour of the location and it's most haunted areas.

-Access to investigative equipment via Alabama Paranormal Research Team.

-Instructional on equipment for use, methods and techniques to help you hunt efficiently.

-Rental time per location. Event starts at 7 pm CST (8pm EDT) ends at 12 pm

*You can bring your own equipment, however ONLY STANDARD EQUIPMENT IS ALLOWED! No
homemade electrical devices or ritualistic items will be permitted.

Rules and other information:

-You must be at least 18 with a valid form of ID to take part in these events (Unless specified in event details - all minors must
be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older)

-All investigators must sign a liability wavier for the Alabama Paranormal Research Team.

-FOR PORT COLUMBUS and Union Springs EVENTS ONLY - Snack and drink items can be purchased during this event in
the gift shop. Along with novelty items and souvenirs. All other events will not offer refreshments unless otherwise noted.
Bottled Water and small snack items are permitted.

-The investigative time allotted per investigation will be the allowed time for investigation and tour times only. All guests MUST
exit the location after the conclusion of the investigation.

-Anyone in possession of illegal drugs or under the influence or suspected to be under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol will be
dismissed from the investigation WITHOUT REFUND! NO EXCEPTIONS!

-There is a zero tolerance law for fighting and disorderly conduct.

-City and County Patrols - Police Department patrols are always informed of our presence but DO NOT provide security
for these events. APRT, nor our locations host, will be responsible for any damages to you or your property during your
attendance. HUNT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

-For groups and or Individuals with personal equipment: Groups or individuals booking for this investigation who would like to
bring there own equipment must get prior authorization via the Alabama Paranormal Research Team. If you are a Group of
Paranormal Investigators please contact Faith Serafin at to discuss your
equipment options.

NOTICE: This event is NOT affiliated with any other paranormal groups that have or will conduct classes,
tours, or investigations at these locations, except for the Alabama Paranormal Research Team.
*A Portion of the proceeds from these events go to benefit the locations listed here.
Ghost Hunting with Alabama Ghost Hunters

We are often asked to take people along with us on some our ghost hunting adventures.
Our residential and private cases certainly do not allow us to do this but we do offer a
great opportunity for the general public to take part in an evening of supernatural fun that
helps to give back to organizations that are important to keeping haunted history alive.

PARAFIED - Ghost Hunting events are hosted by the Alabama Paranormal Research
Team and our business associates to bring education and adventure to the novice or
established ghost hunter. We host our events at different haunted locations throughout
the south and tickets sells go to help with renovations, funding and educational programs
per location.

We also host tours and help promote for a number of different locations in south-eastern
- Ghost Hunts -
Tickets to our next event are on sale now!
See rules and purchase information below - PARAFIED events are NON-REFUNDABLE