University Chapel

Auburn, AL.
History of University Chapel
investigator/researcher for A.P.R.T. Michelle Smith and Auburn Historical "GuRu" and investigator  John
Mark Poe. While much of the information and history about University Chapel  is based around the fact that it
was a hospital during the civil war. John Mark had also informed us that he building just across the street
from University Chapel, "Sandford Hall" was the location where the bodies were kept from the hospital. The
building itself is huge and has many "Masonic" images built into it to include a green man. I have a feeling
this location may have it's fare share of activity and we'll be looking into it. Also Investigator Michelle Smith
and Auburn University graduate reports the legend of University Chapel's ghost Sydney Grimmett. His ghost
allegedly haunts the chapel which was once his final resting place. Sydney was a confederate solider
probably from one of the old Texas units that were common in the Auburn area during the civil war. It's also
said that the ghost of Sydney Grimmett may have left the chapel some time ago and followed a group of
theatres students to another location on the campus.

Research and information provided by John Mark Poe and Michelle Smith
Investigation of University Chapel
Members on this investigation: Faith Serafin, Cassie Clark, Shane Clark, John Mark Poe, Michelle Smith

As for the paranormal activity associated with University Chapel, the night was fairly quite. Most activity found
inside the building was associated with a high EMF field that seemed to gain strength through out the night.
There where numerous different fields inside the building as our meters picked up on natural, and man made
electro magnetic fields. So having to throw out EMF made for a difficult night in narrowing down the activity.
Also a lot of dust and debris made it difficult to find anything on our DVR. However when we started to wrap
up at the end of our investigation we did have an experience that was not explainable. As we looked over the
growing EMF field one more time, to try and find the source of multiple fields. We heard the sound of water in
the bathroom being turned on and then turned off. As I went into the bathroom to find the source of the water
sounds. I found the water in the sink dripping as if someone had turned the water off in a hurry. There where
also a few EVP's captured on this investigation. Some could be heard by ear but others where not found until
evidence was reviewed.

While I have officially listed University Chapel as inconclusive, I can not rule out factors that may make it
"appear" to be haunted. As for ladies bathroom, I have no explanation for why the water was turned on and
while there was a high EMF field that seemed to grow (non-associated with the breaker boxes) in this
building it's highly unlikely that more then one investigator would hear the water turning on and actually see
the dripping/running water in the bathroom due to hallucination from high EMF. Hopefully A.P.R.T. Will have
another opportunity to investigate University Chapel in the future to see if we can find the ghost of Sydney
Audio Evidence

One EVP was captured in the main area of the Chapel. In the sitting area of the Chapel investigator Michelle
Smith received an answer to a question she asked.
  • Investigator Michelle Smith
    ask " Are you the one who
    made it so cold in here?"    A
    Whisper replys "no"
Photo and Video Evidence

None at this time.
Non Paranormal Photo's and Information

Samford Hall located just across the street from University Chapel is also with some ghost storied and some
gruesome history of it's own. It's reported that the ghost of Sydney tends to roam and has been seen in
Samford Hall. Also the site was piled high with bodies of soldiers from the Civil War. Limbs and bodies of
the dead were piled up so high in some points that you could barely see over the top of them.