The Ghost of Old Salem
Alabama and Ghost Town Road

Salem, AL
The Haunted History of Salem's Ghost Town and Ghost Town Road
The little town of Salem, Alabama is not without its share of historic figures. I'd like to invite you to visit for more information about the small town of Salem, AL. More historical facts
can be found there with photos, historical figures and information. As for the paranormal side of old Salem, it's
not without it's share of ghost stories. Local historians tell of a man known as Tandy Keys a local and town
gambler. The story regarding Mr. Keys is that he was known to the town folks as a very avid gambler. So much
in fact that his grave marker located in the Salem Methodist Cemetery is indeed that of a card table.

Mr. Keys died a young man only in his 20's in 1853. He had no children but his descendants from his mothers
side the Dunn family, still live in Salem today. The Ghost of Tandy Key's is depicted in a mural on Salem's old
train station, which is now an antiques shop. It's said that on certain nights of the year, Generally when it's
warmest you can still hear the rag time music coming from the old hollow and forgotten streets of Salem. Most
folks are to frightened to follow the sound but it's said that the music can be traced to the Old Salem Cemetery
were Mr. Keys ghost can be seen still sitting at the card table on his grave, playing cards.

Many people refer to Old Salem as a Ghost Town. In fact the location is just that. While the living that still reside
in Salem are warm and loving folks. Even the locals tend to stay away from Salem's old ghost town road. The
old county road is still not paved and for good reason. Strange things have happened on this stretch of road.
Several rumors from local folks that something strange is in the woods. Balls of light have been seen in the
woods. Large granite rocks make the terrain a location hard to navigate by foot at night and dangerous cliffs.
Also while many people tend to recreate in the area via bikes, even the sweet and gentle town of Salem is not
without a murderous tale that is very much TRUE!

While most folks tend to stay off the old Salem ghost town road. People do like to bike and hike in the location.
It does make for a scenic route to travel in the day time. With tall Pines and the sweet blossoms that fragrance
the air in spring. It's your ideal country road, but there is a more sinister atmosphere that takes shape in the
dark here. It's said that a body was dug up in a local cemetery and the skeletal remains were found scattered
near Ghost Town Road between Salem and Smiths Station Alabama. Rumored to be the work of Devil
Worshippers who frequented the woods for years.

More then one body has been found in the area over the years and at least 2 cases are confirmed. A man was
murdered allegedly at the hand of Satanist who used the area for occultist activities. The mans decapitated
remains were found stuffed in a barrel in the wooded area just off ghost town road near Salem. Also local
deputies report that on the date June 6, 2006 (6-6-06) a car was pulled over on Ghost Town Road near Smiths
and it's occupants 3 young men and 1 young woman are detained for suspicious activity and asked to exit the
vehicle. The young female reports that she was invited by the young men to "party" with them and had no idea
who they were.

Upon the deputies inspection of the vehicle rope, shovels, ritualistic athames, and other occultist items were
found in the trunk.
Fearing that the young females life may have been in danger. Deputies removed her from the vehicle and took
her home. It's believed that she was an intended sacrifice for some satanic ritual. The young men in the vehicle
with her, were the same men believed to have been responsible for the murder of the man found near Salem
and who may have also been responsible for the removal of the skeletal remains in the local cemetery found
near Ghost Town Road, and the Satanic activity that was taking place during that time.

Over the years the Local Sheriffs have made it a point to patrol the area regularly and over the past few years
no reports of Satanic activity have surfaced. The area is now a safer place to go but I still wouldn't venture
there at night. Who knows what negative energies may harbor in the woods on Ghost Town Road. Locals don't
use the road at night for fear of what they can not see and for fear of what they might see.

Eli Stroud Cemtery and the Ghost of Eli Stroud
Eli Stroud was born in 1789 in Jackson County, Georgia and moved to the Salem area much later in life. He
was a frontiersman and avid adventurer. Eli Stroud was made a Captain in command of a small unit to control
hostile Indians in the Wilcox county area. Located in south west Alabama. Mr. Stroud placed his family in the
care of a friend there. He left to take control over the hostiles when a tragedy took place, taking the lives of his
wife, children and friends. The home of Mr. Ogle whom Eli Stroud had placed his family in the care was
surrounded and invaded by hostile Indians. The Indians quickly took over the home, killing and scalping its
inhabitants. Eli Stroud was in route to Mr. Ogle's home for a visit when the murders took place but he was not
quick enough to get to the location nearly 20 miles from his home. Once he received word of the murders he
was already to late. He arrived only to find the hostile Indians still in the area and his wife and at least one of
his children were killed out right.

Mad with fear for his own life and distraught by the death of his wife and child he was forced to abandon the
situation and hid in the woods for several days. Tired, and half crazy from his ordeal he was passed by a
wagon of travelers who feared he may be dangerous. Several days he made his way back to his home were
he was finally relieved, but his ordeal would not leave him. He settled in Salem some many years later. The old
Stroud home which sat just across from the cemetery is no longer there. Burned at least twice from fire. Once
in it's original time when the Stroud family lived there and later met it's demise at the hands of arson. Mr.
Stroud's ghost can still be seen in the woods on ghost town road. An older but strapping gentleman with a long
bore rifle, usually in overalls. Still tracking game as he did, or is he still hunting the Indians who so violently
slaughtered his first family?

The old house location across the street is said to be haunted by the spirit of a little girl who has been seen
crossing the road at night between the cemetery and the house. Dressed in period clothing she tends to run in
front of cars and stopping passing motorist asking for her PaPa. There is no knowledge that anyone died in
the first house fire of the Strouds but it's possible that the cemeteries close proximity to the home may have
something to do with the haunting.

The area is also rumored to be a sort of "Bermuda Triangle" County Sheriffs and dispatchers have trouble with
radio transmissions in the area and even cell phone and radio distortion is reported to be frequent here.
Disembodied voice and Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is also a very common.

Investigations of Old Salem

The Alabama Paranormal Research Team has conducted several investigations all over Salem, Alabama. To
Include homes, businesses and it's cemeteries. Currently we are compiling our evidence from several
locations in Salem for our readers and viewers.