Springvilla Mansion

Opelika, AL
History of Springvilla Mansion

Springvilla Mansion. Built in 1850 by Horace King for Plantation owner Penn Younge. Long before the days of slavery
and the Younge family plantation many Native American tribes flocked to this place due to it's high energy levels. The
Native Americans who lived here before the Younge family called it "Opelika"..Meaning little Swamp. Indian Burial sites
stem just up the road a stretch from the actual house. Long forgotten and undisturbed they remain untouched and hidden
unless you know where to look....

The area itself is high in Quartz and Lime. Making it a text-book hot spot for paranormal activity. You can literally walk
across the ground and find handfuls of quartz crystal. You can find out more on how environment contributes a haunting
clicking here.

Reports of everything from feeling overwhelmingly sick upon the step to being pushed from that particular step have
been reported. Also while I was in the process of talking with the owners of the mansion I was informed of a camp
counselor who had a frightening experience one night at the mansion. It was stated that after a camping trip had been
cut short do to a power outage. Campers staying over inside the mansion where bussed back into town by a Mr.
Harrellson and his counselor. The counselor went back inside the mansion to make sure that no one had left anything
behind.  Upon sending the counselor known as "Magic Mike" back inside Mr. Harrellson (Director of Opelika Parks and
Rec.) called for him many times and after several failed attempts Mr. Harrellson went inside to find him. Magic Mike was
apparently setting in the floor, pale faced, crying and scared to death at what he had just witnessed. He stated to Mr.
Harrellson later on that he had seen and heard a man playing the piano inside the building. At that time there was no
piano in the house. Nor was anyone supposed to be inside the house.

The Legend of Springvilla Mansion
The legend of Springvilla Mansion tells us that Penn Younge was not very liked by his slaves. It was said that he was
cruel and uncaring towards the slaves that worked so hard to serve his family. Apparently one evening after Penn
Younge was to retire to his bedroom for the evening, as he walked upstairs, while turning the small, spiral,  staircase one
of the slaves hidden inside a cubby hole cut out of the wall, jumped out onto Mr. Younge and decapitated and killed him.
No one really knows the name of the slave that supposedly killed his master but to this day the 13th step of the staircase
inside the mansion is reported to have paranormal activity.

Investigations of Springvilla Mansion

The Alabama Paranormal Research Team has investigated Springvilla Mansion numerous times. We hold it dear to our
hearts since it's our local haunted house. The building is in very poor condition but seems to be holding up. Bat's, Insect,
and an already spooky structure make for your text book haunted house. The Legends of Springvilla may be "Legends"
however our team has discovered some information that helps to validate our evidence from Springvilla. Located in the
Opelika City Library archives our historian and investigator John Mark Poe has found that indeed there has been some
tragedy associated with Springvilla. Many years ago 3 small girls drown in what was once a 30 acre lake located on the
property. Our team has consistently gotten EVP's of these young girls for several years now. Also the apparition of a
man, and small blond head boy have been seen here. While we have not yet been able to document the man we have
video footage of what appears to be a small blond haired boy looking inside the house from the outside.

Audio Evidence

APRT has several EVP's from Springvilla Mansion and it's surrounding grounds. See more EVP's from Springvilla on
EVP page.
  • This first EVP we believe says my name (Faith). Kind of
    scary but it doesn't surprise me since I have been visiting
    the location since I was a little girl. Listen as an unseen
    whispers says "Hey Faith"
  • The second EVP was captured in the same location.  
    Investigator Michelle Smith says "I saw you" referring to
    a dark figure that appeared beside her and investigator
    John Mark, when a strange voice emerges from the
    rustling leaves.
Photo and Video Evidence

NEW !! This most recent video clip from Springvilla Mansion was captured on one of the many investigations by APRT.
A former interview with Bill Harrelson of Opelika Parks and Rec. and Director Faith Serafin revealed a camp councilor
who once saw the ghost of person playing the piano in the downstairs foyer of the old Yonge mansion. The Alabama
Paranormal Research Team was fortunate to capture evidence of this possible pianist ghost.

-The second video may be evidence of a small boy we have heard reports of from Springvilla. This may be some of our
most compelling evidence. The reports we have heard of a small boy who roams the property were very few but our
evidence in this video helps to validate the claims, as the apparition in this video seems to be looking into the window of
the house from the outside.
Non Paranormal photos and information

The Alabama Paranormal Research Team has been fortunate enough to have Auburn University Student and Emmy
Award Winner Carrie Williams come on investigation with us at Springvilla. Carrie Williams has found a passion for the
paranormal and is the reporter behind "
Pod casting the Paranormal" She has featured our team on several of her pod
Go to Pod casting the Paranormal.