The History of the Josephine Hotel

The Alabama Paranormal Research Team was contacted about a turn of the century hotel in Union Springs, Alabama. This
Hotel was built August 1880 by Robert A. Fleming and named after his wife "Josephine" It's also been called the Drummer's,
Central and Commercial hotel. The old hotel has a vibrant history of supper's and guest held by the hotel for the Union Springs
community. In May of 1951 a "Bird Supper" was held. Bird hunters would bring in several hundred quail birds brought in and
piled in front of the hotel. Also Oyster suppers shipped in from Eufaula and Masquerade balls with more the 100 guest with
Costumes from New Orleans and Mobile, as well as Orchestra's from Columbus, Ga.

In 1903 renovations of the hotel began under Mr. F.F. Ravenscroft (
Click here to see an article featuring Mr. Ravenscroft)
F.F. Ravenscroft was noted in several articles in reference to pharmaceutical and druggist. The Hotel has survived over 130
years of environment . While the hotel is now a building used as a small art gallery it's new renovations will be extensive. Several
original item's to the building are still in existence today. The original door walk through is still visible with the "Josephine" still
intact. Several ceiling tiles made of stamped aluminum are worn with patina but are a ghostly reminder of the beauty of the old
building. Also the Original windows on the second floor which were raised so patrons could sit upon the balcony. A Grand stair
case in the middle of the building is a beautiful feature and still in wonderful condition. The Hotel boast several rooms per floor
with a main area located on the bottom floor and a second and third floor with rooms for rent.

Investigation of the Josephine Hotel

The Alabama Paranormal Research Team Investigated the Josephine Hotel in November 2010. The buildings was a wonderful
historical experience but also seems to have some thing extra. Upon our investigation we have discovered that while the night
may have seemed quite from our perspective the spirits of the Union Springs still walk the halls and rooms of the old place.
Upon review of our evidence we discovered that while having an EVP session in one of the front upstairs room there was a
response to once of investigator Michelle Smith's request for someone to let there presence be known by touching our Trifield
meter. We captured this EVP on Video. Listen just after her question as a voice whispers "Yes!" when she ask if something can
touch the box.

Another instance was capture on film that was also witnessed by team members while investigating the old building. Production
team leader and investigator B. Stoker and New Trainee Thea Allison witness what they described as a ball of "bouncing light"
that came from the same second floor location in several different rooms and on the stair case. Our cameras were able to
capture this occurrence. What you will see here is a "ball of light" not your typical run of the mill "dust ORB" that emanates and
flies off just after the camera flashes. We have ruled this piece as paranormal since the light happens after the flash of the

In conclusion to the investigation of the Josephine Hotel in Union Springs, Alabama the Alabama Paranormal Research Team
has deemed the location as having some paranormal activity. Further investigation's will be conducted in Union Springs,
Alabama and we were honored to have had the privilege of investigating such a historical treasure. For other investigation's by
APRT in Union Springs such as the Pauly Jail and Bullock County court house

Audio Evidence

This video clip has an EVP caught at the Josephine Hotel in Union Springs Alabama. The EVP come just after investigator
Michelle Smiths ask "Can you touch the box?" the reply we get is "YES"
A Special Thank You to A.P.R.T's Associates at P.O.R.T for joining us on this investigation in
Union Springs.
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The Josephine Hotel

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Photo and Video Evidence

the evidence in this video is the moment we caught on our night vision camera. A similar ball of light was seen by several of our
investigators through out the night.
Non Paranormal Photos and information

These are several photos from the Josephine Hotel. From back in the days of its working order to it's condition now. The building
is in need of several repairs and the current owners are working hard to restore the top two floors of the building. The original
greeting plate still exist on the front of the buildings entrance and the grand staircase that led travelers to there room is still a
ghostly reminder of how architecture was so superior to some of the buildings of today. The simple slender still lingers in the veins
of the old hotel and it's resident ghost as well.
This information is based on the scientific findings by means of Paranormal Investigations by the Alabama Paranormal
Research Team. All rights reserved and Copyright Laws apply 2007-2010