Fort Morgan

Gulf Shores, AL
Fort Morgan - Guardian of the Bay

In March 2012 the Alabama Paranormal Research Team set out for Gulf Shores, Alabama to investigate
the notoriously haunted Fort Morgan Civil War fort. Built after the war of 1812 and named for General
Daniel Morgan, the location has a rich and devastating history. Most famous for the battle of Mobile Bay,
many ships meet there demise here in the bay and civil war sailors and soldiers are said to still haunt the
old fort. APRT conducted a 9 hour investigation and found more then just a few spirits haunt the fort.

The history of the fort is old and the original structure has been replaced by the brick enclosure present
today. It was originally built by slaves and has been updated many times since the Civil War. When it failed
to withstand heavy artillery, modifications were made to make the fort more efficient.  The most
phenomenal battle took place on August 5, 1864 when Union, Admiral David Farragut led his fleet into the
bay and took on the confederate strong hold, essentially taking it after hours of heavy fighting. The Union
fleet only suffered one ship causality but several Confederates vessels were lost here, along with the crews.
POW's were kept here during this time. On April 30. 1863 The Fort commander; Lieutenant Colonel
Charles Stewart died in a cannon explosion at the fort as well.

During the Spanish-American War and World War I the fort was modified again and this time new, long
range cannons replaced the old black powder cannons of the civil war era. The concrete batteries were
added and manned during 1896-1905 and was occupied during both World Wars. In 1946 the fort was
deactivated and turned over to the state of Alabama and now remains as a landmark with museum.

When APRT arrived at the fort just a few hours before sun down we could feel that we were in for a big night
of investigating. We had a few hazards to contend with but nothing major and though the weather was a bit
wet to begin with, inside the fort it was dry and reasonably comfortable. We conducted our standard safety
sweep and then set up equipment for our investigation. During the course of the night was had several EMF
hits throughout the location in many areas. These EMF hits came in random locations and displayed
behavior relevant to intelligent energies. These energies where able to manipulate the K2 and other
EMF/ELF devices so well that, when asked, the energies (spirits) were able to manipulate the device we
asked it to.

At one point we set up three separate k2 meters in the first casemate and the spirit of a young, black, man
we believed to be named "Monroe" activated the requested meter via our request. This was highly unusual
since none of our team had ever witnessed this sort of phenomenon before. Based on the intelligent
information we received per this spirit we moved onto other area of the fort with great optimism and again
gained more information regarding intelligent entities at the fort. The name Andrew was a regular presence
and EVP's captured corresponded to K2 hits when asked about "Andrew", Also voices of men and
slamming doors or machinery were also a common personal experience.

We captured some great evidence of many of these experiences and are looking forward to our next
investigation at the Fort.

Video Evidence
Audio Evidence
  • This EVP was captured in one of the case mates at Fort
    Morgan. This EVP was captured along side several K2 hits in
    reference to a spirit named Andrew. EVP: Beware of Andrew

  • This EVP was also captured inside the Fort and sounds very
    much like heavy breathing that was also heard audibly, by

  • This EVP was captured inside a separate case mate. We
    believe that we made contact with a spirit named Mornoe. We
    also captured video evidence to co inside with this EVP.

  • We believe this EVP say something regarding a Battle possibly
    "No Battle"