The Lady Farm/Daniel Lady Farm

Gettysburg, PA
The History Of the Daniel Lady Farm

The Daniel Lady Farm is located at 986 Hanover Road Gettysburg, PA. This house itself was headquarters for General Issac Ewell
and 10,000 troops. The barn was used as a field hospital during the Civil War and with most Civil War hospitals wasn't a place you
would want to end up. Amputation was a common "cure all" during the Civil War. Antibiotics and education of germs wasn't a part of
everyday education as it is now. So if a man was wounded even in the slightest way a doctor would for sure cut it off in an attempt to
save a mans life rather then have him die from infection, which essentially was a problem and many amputees did in fact die not from
there wounds but from infection. This particular hospital was gruesome. So much so that at some times the limbs of the amputated
men were piled high enough, outside the barn that you could not see out of the windows. The windows are roughly 4-5 feet off the
ground. Limbs were hacked off and thrown out the window LITERALLY!

I saw my first documentary on the Daniel Lady Farm on the Travel Channel's
Mysterious Journeys featuring Mark Nesbitt an
Author, Historian and Paranormal Investigator.  Mark leads up a tour company called the Ghost of Gettysburg located at 271
Baltimore Street Gettysburg, PA. Mark and his team have been the subject of several documentaries and The Alabama Paranormal
Research Team has an enormous amount of respect for his knowledge base of Gettysburg. A former park ranger Mark has written
several books about the history and the haunts of Gettysburg, PA

Websites were Mark Nesbitt has been featured:

Video from the Travel Channels Mysterious Journeys with Mark Nesbitt and the Ghost of Gettysburg
Investigation of the Daniel Lady Farm

While the Alabama Paranormal Research Team has not conducted an official investigation of the Farm we did visit the location. The
Barn was open so Co Directors Faith and Cassie took a peak inside and found that not only did most of our equipment malfunction
inside the barn but strangely enough the cool air of a February day in Pennsylvania did not seem to penetrate the barn. It was hot and
muggy almost sauna like in certain areas. The names of soldiers who stayed here can still be found etched into the wooded walls of
the old barn. We had a number of personal experiences, from phantom smells to the feeling of sort of film that we could feel on our
skin. It felt as if something had left some odd sort of residue (ectoplasm) when we would experience these warm spots. While we did
take several pictures do to malfunctions of our equipment we weren't able to salvage much.

Audio Evidence

none at this time

Photo and Video Evidence

none at this time

Non Paranormal Photos and Information
Several camera malfunctions inside the barn limited our photos.
Names carved in the old wood inside the barn.
Possibly from a wounded soldier who spent time here.
This information is based on the scientific findings by means of Paranormal Investigations by the Alabama
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