Ft. Rucker, AL
History of Bryd Cemetery

Team about the situation at Bryd cemetery. We are avid supporters of our United States Armed Forces and
will continue to do so. Thank You for helping to keep our country safe. For that we are forever in your debt.

The location our team was called into investigate was a small cemetery located on Ft. Rucker. This location
has a history of paranormal activity associated with graves that where moved from one location to another.
The military personnel who contacted us will remain anonymous. However one particular individual was
attacked in this location by and unseen force. I personally witnessed the photo's of his attack and while I
have seen my fair share of cuts and abrasions I can assure you that the marks that where reported to have
formed on this young mans face after the attack where very prominent and visible. Other reports from
individuals report feelings of panic, pressure on the chest, sounds, lights, and a slight charge felt from the
ground entering the location.

Investigation of Bryd Cemetery

Upon investigating this location we found several area's to have random fluctuations in EMF. While some
areas can be associated with over head power lines. Other areas in this location had no source of EMF and
the readings seemed to move around a certain area. Also a very significant drop in temperature took place
while provoking for paranormal activity. The temperature change was a 40 degree drop in less then 5
seconds, cold enough to see your breathe. On a hot summer night in Alabama, this is very unusual.

The Personnel present that night did have several personal experiences along side our MP unit. Our night
was full of activity. Our first personal experience was reported by investigator John Mark Poe, while
photographing the area associated with the most activity, he captured a large black mass in a photo. While
later we captured the same image in the same location on video. These masses could be seen inside the
cemetery as well by some members of A.P.R.T. moving on the ground. While outside the gates a misty,
white, figure seemed to move just inside the gates while we where away from the location however, would
disappear upon approaching it. As well as sounds being heard from whistles to voices saying "Hey"  Moving
lights also seemed to be witnessed by most if not all person's present that night. Here is the evidence
gathered by A.P.R.T. while on investigation at this location.

Audio Evidence
  • Director Faith Serafin ask "Is there anyone here
    who'd like to speak to us?" EVP response
  • Director "I'm hearing voices, female voices" EVP
    response "Oh Dear."
  • Director "Is there anybody our here? You can
    come speak to us." EVP response
Photo and Video Evidence

Investigator JM Poe captured a strange black mass in his photo's taken just seconds apart. At this very
same time Investigator Cassie Clark caught the mass on video in the same location. Rain was a factor on
this particular night and the photo's will validate that however the mass is very obvious. The photo's here
are listed in order.