Bullock County

Union Springs, AL
History of the Bullock County Courthouse

The Bullock County Jail seemed to offer more then the quite Pauly Jail. The Story of Sheriff Red Williams was
told to me by the current Sheriff Raymond Rodgers. Sheriff Red Williams died a few years ago but disclosed
to his deputies that he had a dread feeling inside the courthouse. The eye's of a photo of a confederate soldier
that hangs in the hall wasn't a favorite of Sheriff Williams. He would swear that the eye's of the man would
follow him when he walked past it. To the point of actually covering the photo. Sheriff Rodgers also told me that
lots of times the elevator will go up and down on it's own with no one on it.
This photo hangs inside the courthouse were Sheriff Red Williams worked for so many years. He wasn't fond of
the photo of the Confederate solider and would say that the soldier's eyes would frequently follow him.
Investigation of the Bullock County Courthouse

The investigation of the Bullock County Courthouse was unique in that the Pauly Jail sits just behind it and we
were fortunate to have access to both locations on the same night. The majority of the experiences inside the
courthouse took place in the court room itself. Static charges could be felt in the floor and even in the seats of
the court room, some phantom smells, and a few odd photos. We focused our efforts in the court room since it
seemed to have the most odd activity. Currently we have listed evidence from the Bullock County Courthouse
as inconclusive since we could not duplicate the photo we caught nor could we prove they were a camera

Audio Evidence

None at this time

Photo and Video Evidence

This series of photos were taken from the judges chair inside the courtroom of the Bullock County Courthouse
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